Basement Renovation

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Basement Renovation

Best Basement Designs To Be Inspired!


Are you looking for basement renovation designers or contractors to renovate, redesign and remodel your basement?

Each layout will have some level of design challenges, especially when it comes to constructing a basement. Due to the structural considerations, most basements are not meant to be transformed drastically later. Basement renovation has to be planned with a creative mind and for future remodelling provision.

How to decorate and brighten up your basement, in terms of its appearance and functionality? Many people will repurpose this unused space into a more functional area, such as a home theatre, playroom, additional bedrooms, an office or even a workshop. Create addition living space that allows your family to grow and enjoy.

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Factors To Consider for Basement Renovation

Turning an unused basement into livable space is a big project! Following are several design elements you must first consider when planning your basement project. Let us help you to give this area an attractive look and to make it feels homey and welcoming.

  • The Basement Waterproofing

    Unwanted water can weaken the foundations and structural strength of the basement. Also, the excess moisture will damage the basement's flooring, furniture, walls, etc. Not only that, but it also creates the perfect conditions for the growth of mould and mildew. Homeowners should take the right steps to waterproof the basement before renovation works start.

  • The Basement Flooring

    Moisture and humidity are the main concerns for basement finishes. Even so, there are still many types of flooring that are suitable for basement applications. Following are some options:

    • Resilient vinyl flooring is durable, moisture-proof, and maintenance-free.
    • Ceramic tile comes with many styles and colours available to make it a sound designer’s choice.
    • Engineered wood floors offer a more stable substrate for the planks while delivering the look and feel of a solid wood floor.
  • The Basement Sound Insulation

    You may be adding the function of a playroom, karaoke or home theatre in the basement. To fully enjoy and improve your family’s quality of life, you should consider soundproofing your basement ceiling, making basements ideal for its usage.

  • The Basement Lighting

    Most basements have minimal lighting. Appropriate lights will elevate any basement design. They not only blend nicely into the background but also act as a decorative accessory.

    There are three types of lighting for the basement:

    • Ambient light provides a space with overall illumination.
    • Task light illuminates a reading corner or dedicated work zones.
    • Accent lights highlight specific features of your basement.
  • Plan For Future Renovations

    The basement contains most of the mechanical elements; any future renovation to the house will require a bypath to them. Therefore, you should plan appropriately for the running of electrical circuits, aircon pipes, disposal pipes, etc.

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