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A bathroom is where we bathe, shower and groom daily. It pays to take some time to think about how to fight bathroom clutter. Abundant storage space is a must for every bathroom, so choosing the suitable cabinets, shelves and drawers for placing all your bathroom essentials is crucial. Not only that, it is equally essential that the design is aesthetically pleasing.

Customised built-in bathroom cabinets are efficient and handy. It is an ideal option that maximises every bathroom space and removes all the clutter. Alongside serving as a support for your sink and offering precious counter and storage space, a bathroom cabinet/vanity is also the focus of most bathrooms. A well-designed and outstanding bathroom cabinet can elevate the space into luxury interior design territory!

We specialise in providing high-quality custom-made bathroom cabinets. With intelligent and creative storage solutions, with many styles to suit every taste, we aim to maximise your bathroom space at affordable price tags!

Design/Storage Ideas for Custom Bathroom Cabinets

We should strategically lay out bathroom cabinets and their accessories to ensure they are functional and fit the whole family’s needs. Our experienced carpenters and designers will show you all the best suitable options in terms of materials, bathroom cabinet assembly and layout, not just the most expensive ones.

Here, we have summarised a few valuable ideas for the bathroom cabinets/vanities. Explore and learn more about how to create a luxury bathroom that you feel like showing off, yet at a competitive price tag!

There are a variety of materials that we can use for bathroom cabinets. We should choose the materials carefully to ensure their durability and lifespan. Some standard options include wood, laminate, and metal. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks. The materials used for your bathroom cabinets can also vary depending on your cabinet style.

Wood is a classic choice for bathroom cabinets and can provide a warm and natural look to the space. However, wood is susceptible to moisture and humidity, so it is essential to ensure it is adequately sealed and protected from these elements. The type of wood will determine the durability and cost of the cabinet. Some woods are more expensive than others, and some are more resistant to water damage or wear and tear.

Selecting a high-quality laminate is essential to ensure durability and long-lasting results. The laminate materials used for your bathroom cabinets should be able to withstand high temperatures and moisture levels. It should also be easy to clean. It makes them ideal for use in bathrooms, where the humidity and temperature fluctuate considerably.

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