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Rustic Brick Feature Wall

Enhance Your Space with Earthy, Natural Appearance!


The charm of the brick statement/accent wall is its earthy, natural appearance. Not only that it looks rustic, add character to space, but it also blends well with any exterior/interior décor style — Undoubtfully, a budget-friendly and low maintenance design idea.

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Modern Brick Statement/Accent Wall Design Ideas

Brick Feature Wall for Living Room

Add a cosy rustic touch to the living room with an uneven whitewashed brick statement/accent wall. It gives the illusion of bringing in the light from the outside, makes the living rooms superbly stunning.

Brick Feature Wall for Kitchen

The brick statement/accent wall in the modern kitchen creates a cosy, inviting atmosphere and offer a nice-looking backdrop that still blends very well with the various elements in the kitchen.

Brick Feature Wall for Bedroom

Makeover your plain bedroom, with a wallpaper white brick statement/accent wall makes it a contemporary and chic bedroom that looks very catchy and natural!

Exposed Brick Feature Wall

Do you like the idea of a distressed wall, with natural brick exposed? Exposed brick can add a rustic, decorative touch to your home. A natural brick wall doesn't need unique treatments to retain its beauty, rustic look and durability.

However, because natural brick is a porous material and prone to staining, it can be cumbersome to clean.

Brick comes with the harsh surface. Before you start the cleaning process, to protect your hands, you should wear a sturdy rubber glove.
Apply a small amount of ordinary household detergent to the brick wall, wipe the entire surface moderately to remove the dirt and dust.
Use a clean damp cloth to remove detergent from the wall.

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Brick Feature Wall 04
Recycled Brick Feature Wall

Used or recycled bricks look great in statement/accent walls; they are the ideal materials to create the industrial feel, add a modern feel and character to the exterior/interior design.

Faux Brick Feature Wall

Faux brick also is known as thin brick, half brick or brick veneer, they can be made from high-density polymer or other substances. A decorative faux brick statement wall is simply gorgeous! It offers a faster and more cost-effective option for you to makeover a room instantly!

Wallpaper Brick Feature Wall

Thanks to newer technology, a "brick" wall isn’t brick at all. You can find brick lookalike wallpaper that looks so real and compelling, and they are readily available in the market.

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