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Are you thinking of how to optimise the limited space of your bedroom with a new closet? What kind of wardrobe should you consider, custom-made built-in or stand-alone ready-made?

As compact living space becomes more and more common, there has become a higher demand for more innovative storage ideas than ever. If you decide to revamp the storage space in your bedroom, it’s essential to consider whether built-ins are a suitable option. Having a good wardrobe is necessary because it keeps your belongings tidy and to stash stuff out of sight. It can convert a disorganised room into an unclutter one with the right moves.

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Why Custom-Made Built-in Wardrobes?

Stand-alone ready-made wardrobe. The concerns many people have for stand-alone ready-made wardrobe are the limited storage or bulky appearance that constrain the style of a compact space. Also, it is quite difficult for you to find a perfect matched ready-made wardrobe that would fit the unwanted gaps nicely.

Custom-made built-in wardrobe. Although custom-made is more expensive compared to those ready-made, it is definitely, still value for money! They are made-to-measure based on your preferences like materials, colours, sizes and shapes, and they maximise the space, bring all of the elements you need into one unit. No more unsightly gaps that are usually hard to reach and clean!

We specialise in providing high-quality custom-made built-in wardrobes and wardrobe storage systems. With smart and creative solutions and valuable accessories for the closet space, we aim to bring neatness to a room at affordable price tags!

Handsome Design/Storage Ideas for Built-in Wardrobes

  • The size of your built-in wardrobe should depend on how much hanging space you need. From there, we use hooks, shelves, storage baskets, dividers or drawer partitions to help ensure every item has a place and to keep your belongings in order.

  • There are many different options with wardrobe accessories. For example, pull-out belts, tie and scarves racks make access to items quickly. Wardrobe pull-down bar allows you to make full use of higher spaces of your wardrobe. A chest of drawers is a better option for fold-away jeans and shirts.

  • To further enhance the functionality of your closet, you may consider adding ironing board. To save space, you can even install a wall bed for added space when guests or relatives arrive.

  • As for the doors for the built-in wardrobe, there are a few options too.

    • You can opt for sliding doors to save space.
    • Want to create an illusion of a larger room? You may consider adding reflective mirrors on the wardrobe panels. Not only that it forms an outstanding accent area, but it also an ideal replacement for the dresser mirror.
    • You can choose to have a built-in wardrobe without doors so that you can have easy access to your belongings. It gives you an excellent excuse to showcase your valuables!
    • Replace the doors with curtains could be another great option so that you can decorate it with the trendy or bold curtain designs. When there's a newer trend arise, you can change them without a high replacement cost!
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