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With the limited space available to the structure of Singaporean homes, storage space has become almost exclusively ‘built-in’. Custom made built-in furniture fit not only your interior design theme but also maximising your storage capacity.

We provide all the direct carpentry services with outstanding quality. Whether you are upgrading your home or office, we can design, and custom made pretty much anything that made of wood. From simple shelving units, custom made bedroom furniture like built-in wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes, beds with storage, and made-to-measure kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets/vanities, and more.

With our in-house carpentry workshop, we have been handling various customised projects. You can be assured that our experienced interior designers and carpenters who work on your project are committed to its success from start to finish with the highest quality.

Carpentry Services At A Glance

Carpentry Services by Renovision - Built-in Wardrobes 05
Built-in Wardrobes

Based on your preferences like materials, colours, sizes and shapes, we can made-to-order a built-in wardrobe that suits all your desires and needs. With innovative solutions and valuable accessories for the closet space, we aim to bring neatness to a room at affordable price tags!

Carpentry Services by Renovision - Walk-in Wardrobes 05
Walk-in Wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe helps transform a cluttered bedroom into a spacious and luxurious suite. It allows you to store your clothing, belongings and accessories in a more organised way. We aim to make your wish for a walk-in wardrobe come true, even in small areas!

Carpentry Services by Renovision - Kitchen Cabinets 02
Kitchen Cabinets

What can you do to makeover a dated kitchen, instantly? A new kitchen cabinet is, definitely, a real transformation in terms of the overall appearance and feel of a kitchen. With a little smart planning and creative solutions, we can help you revamp your kitchen on even a small budget!

Carpentry Services by Renovision - Bathroom Cabinets 02
Bathroom Cabinets

Customised built-in bathroom cabinets are particularly practical and handy. It is an ideal option that maximising every inch of bathroom space and takes out all the clutter. With smart and creative storage solutions, with many styles to suit every taste, discover the very best bathroom cabinets we offer!

Carpentry Services by Renovision - Storage Bed 04
Bed With Storage

A customised bed with storage components will maximise the space available in your bedroom! Having a small space doesn't mean you have to compromise storage and style. With innovative storage elements, you will appreciate the convenience of storing your stuff neatly away from sight.

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