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Are you looking for professional help with the design and decor for your growing business? The interior design, decoration and atmosphere are some of the critical factors in your customers’ minds. Therefore, a well-designed business environment is of supreme importance.

You can entrust us with the opportunity to manage the renovation works to transform the dated renovation style into something modern or reflective of your business’ long-term vision.

We provide professional and affordable commercial renovation solutions, from concept to implementation, through to completion. You can expect the highest level of custom interior design, space planning, and renovation services to match all your business needs. The outcome? A sleek, fluent space that will help you impress your customers by giving your entire area a fresh and new look!

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Commercial Renovation Services At A Glance

Our areas of proficiency include but not limited to office, shop, restaurant, bar, salon, spa, clinic, school, warehouse, commercial kitchen, and more. Also, for the reinstatement services, we are proud to be able to deliver exceptional quality and fast handover, always!

Reinstatement Services

When it comes to commercial property leasing, the reinstatement clause kicks in. Be it office space, retail shop, commercial space or industrial space; by the expiry of the lease period, the tenants have to reinstate the area to its former condition. The reinstatement process is complicated and time constrain. To ensure a smooth handover before the deadline, we offer one-stop reinstatement services, like the administrative works, hacking of walls or flooring, removal of cubicles or carpet, storage, disposal services, and more. Flexible timing and 24/7 will be available, at your convenience.

Restaurant/Cafe/Bar Renovation

In the fast-changing world of hospitality, food/drink, excellent service, as well as a pleasing atmosphere, are equally crucial. The restaurant/cafe/bar should have a clear concept from the outset. Let our experienced interior designers help you create a contemporary restaurant/cafe/bar through texture, lighting, seating and more.

Shop Renovation

As a retail shop owner, it is essential to ensure your customers feel comfortable the moment they enter your shop. Let us help you redesign your store to achieve the pleasurable shopping experience for your customers. For example, we will look into the layout and flow of your shop. It should allow your customers to find the items they want effortlessly. There should have enough cash registers to handle customers' payments each day. The long wait time shouldn't be the last memory a customer has when they leave the shop.

Salon Renovation

Are you looking for ways to refresh your hair or nail salon decor? Don't be surprised; some minor changes can give your salon a facelift instantly. When planning for salon renovation or remodelling, a few factors you need to consider. It’s vital to ensure that you keep your space as clutter-free as possible, and the wash area clean and dry. Keep mirrors large and well lit; it will give your customers that luxury feels. Custom build enough cabinets, shelves or drawers to store or display your products, accessories and even reading materials, neatly. Choose easy to clean flooring for your salon.

Spa Renovation

A spa should be a haven renovated and designed to create a luxurious and relaxing feel. It should be a place where your customers, after a stressful time, come to experience a massage, treating herself to a facial, or spa treatments. Be inspired by our soothing spa renovation design ideas.

School/Tuition Centre Renovation

Quality educational environments can impact the performance of students and staff positively. Our areas of expertise include school architecture and design services, school building renovation or remodelling; new modernise classrooms, auditorium and gymnasium construction, and more. We are committed to delivering a final result that excels your goals.

Clinic Renovation

By redesigning your clinic interior decor and environment, you can increase patient retention rate. For example, creating a warm and welcoming receptionist area, impress the new patient the moment he or she walks through the door. Craft out a comfortable waiting area that comes with digital screens, displaying relevant and exciting content. Speed up the amount of time for checking-in appointments by using interactive kiosks.

Warehouse/Factory Renovation

Are you thinking of transforming an old warehouse or factory into a stylish modern one? Alternatively, are you exploring ways to maximise the space utilisation and efficiency of the warehouse or factory? Let us involve in your renovation projects. By streamlining the placement and picking of goods, reducing the storing time of products and improve safety, all these can help reducing labour costs while improving the accuracy of the warehousing activities.

Commercial Kitchen Renovation

We can find commercial kitchens in restaurants, canteens, cafes, hotels, hospitals, educational and workplace facilities. A commercial kitchen has to meet hygienic requirements commanded by law to ensure food safety. It is crucial to design the layout and workflow, carefully, so you can complete your work as efficiently as possible.

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