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Modern And Unique Feature Wall Design

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You are looking for feature wall design ideas to dress up your home, but not sure which one to choose?

We have a wide selection of contemporary, striking, fresh and funky feature wall designs. Whatever style you like, you will find it here, in the right size, that meets your style and needs. Whether you prefer to make it simple, or something pluckier that create a bold look that expresses your personality and sense of style. Or to custom-made a feature wall that is functional at the same time,

Here’s a run-through of some of the most popular feature wall ideas on the market, differentiated by its functionality, finishes or material used.

Feature Wall Designs By Its Functionality

Feature Wall Design - TV Feature Wall
TV Feature Wall

Most people need a television for their living room or bedroom. To make the space to appear neater, the ideas to allow the built-in TV console to blend into the feature wall harmoniously has become more and more popular.

Feature Wall Design With Storage
Feature Wall With Storage

When you live in a city like Singapore where the living space is getting smaller and smaller, there is no excuse for a cramped living place to live or a lack of style. Explore how most people turn ordinary wall decorating into clean and sleek functional storage instantly!

Feature Wall Designs By Its Material Used

Feature Wall Design - Wood Feature Wall
Wood Feature Wall

One of the trendy approaches in homes or interior design is rustic chic that natural wood offers. A wood feature wall is putting wood up on a wall that creates a rustic and earthy atmosphere.

Feature Wall Design - Wallpaper Feature Wall
Wallpaper Feature Wall

Wallpaper can help create a striking visual feature wall. As you are focusing on just one wall, you can choose a breath-taking or colourful wallpaper design without crushing the entire space.

Feature Wall Design - Glass Mirror Feature Wall
Mirror/Glass Feature Wall

When it comes to interior decorating, large or small, mirrors are always an all-around accessory that creates the illusion of a spacious, bright, clean and modern room.
Glass is a customisable material that is very durable, easy to clean and maintain. It serves multi-purposes; you can use it as a whiteboard. It enhances the natural light of the whole room. A mirror feature wall will never look outdated or out of place in your interior design.

Paint Feature Wall
Paint Feature Wall

Paint is the easiest and usually the most economical option for creating a feature wall.
Follow your instincts and be daring to choose a feature wall colour. Or consider the stylish effects paint feature wall such as glitter, concrete, stone, stainless steel, chalkboard and more.

Feature Wall Design - Stone Feature Wall 01
Stone Feature Wall

Create a homely ambience of nature by capturing the charm and basis of natural stone. Stones have a natural beauty that developed over time. A stone feature wall can just merely and amazingly add visual impact and gorgeous to your space.

Feature Wall Design - Marble Feature Wall
Marble Feature Wall

Marble is a beautiful natural stone, and every slab is different and unique. When you use marble to create a feature wall, it also means that you own an art piece, no one else can replicate.

Feature Wall Design - Brick Feature Wall 05
Brick Feature Wall

The brick feature wall is a budget-friendly design idea, not only that it looks rustic and add character to space, it blends well with any interior décor style.

Tiles Feature Wall
Tiles Feature Wall

Tiles are indeed an ideal option for feature walls, especially in moisture exposed areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas. Tiles feature wall are durable, wear-resistant and low in maintenance.

Laminate Feature Wall
Laminate Feature Wall

Prefer to get timber or textured finish, but hate of the hassle and maintenance? Laminate feature walls look and feel like the real thing. They are highly adaptable and relatively affordable. Bring into play your creativity with its wide-ranging unique finishes and colours.

Fabric Feature Wall
Fabric Feature Wall

You can consider covering a plain wall with your most-liked designer fabric. To add its functionality, you may opt for the material that comes with the sound-proofing features.
Applying fabric to a feature wall is an excellent solution for those who are commitment-phobes alike.

Feature Wall Design - Wall Murals Feature Wall 04
Wall Murals Feature Wall

Impress your relatives and friends with a unique and irresistible mural. Popular artistic options include ocean, tropical floral, landscapes, forestland or nature type paintings, to create a dreamlike escape from day-to-day living.
You need to make sure your mural is covered with a waterproof coating to protect the artwork from moisture.
Engage a professional like us to help you achieve beautiful murals feature wall to be proud.

Feature Wall Design - Vertical Garden Feature Wall 01
Vertical Garden Feature Wall

A vertical garden feature wall is the best way to incorporate a bit of the outdoors indoors. With the nature-inspired wall art, not only that the plants beautify the entire space, create a state of enjoyment and relaxation where you need it most, but also filter toxins and improve the air quality.
A vertical wall garden is an ideal option for a bathroom, living area or office.

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