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Contemporary Feature Wall

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A feature wall is also known as an accent wall or statement wall. It is a wall that can be distinguished from the rest of the walls in a room or space by its finish, texture, colour and different material used.

Every space should have a central focal point of interest. By having a statement/accent wall in the room, it will subconsciously enhance the area and make a significant effect on the appearance and feel of a room. The results of a feature wall will be amazing, and it is indeed a perfect addition to your interior decoration.

Custom-made feature walls are not only pleasant to look at, but they are also basically very functional too!

Feature Walls In Residential

Don't casually choose a wall to highlight. It should be the wall that first comes into sight when you walk into the room. You can install the statement/accent wall in many parts of your house like the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room or even outdoor.

Feature Wall In Living Room
Living Room Feature Wall

The living room is where we spend most of our time, and unquestionably, it is the space our visitors see the most. Get inspired to create a welcoming and personality-filled living room statement/accent wall.

Bedroom Accent / Statement Wall
Bedroom Feature Wall

Feel bored to those monotonous walls in your bedroom? After a long and hard workday, there is nothing better than lying down on your comfortable bed. Let us create a statement wall that transforms your bedroom into a contemporary yet functional space.

Adding a glass or mirror to the Dining Room Wall
Dining Room/Area Feature Wall

Refresh your dining room by adding a glass or mirror accent wall. Make it a bright and comfortable place for you to dine and to mingle around with your friends, and most importantly, for the precious family bonding.

Decorate Kitchen Wall in both a chic and practical way
Kitchen Feature Wall

The kitchen is where you spend time preparing meals every day. Why not decorate it in both a chic and practical way? Let it becomes a warm place that you look forward to spending more time. For example, chalkboard paint is a possible choice for your kitchen. You can pen down the shopping list, weekly to-do list, calendar and more.

Feature Wall Design - Bathroom Feature Wall 02
Bathroom Feature Wall

Let tiles or mirrors do the talking on the focal point of the bathroom. With your other surfaces staying neutral, it creates an alluring yet elegant space.

Feature Walls In Commercial

In commercial properties, like the lobby of a private condo, the office building, hotel, hospital or more, a prominent statement wall will surely draw visitors' or staffs' attention, the moment they enter the property/building.

Renovation Singapore - Outdoor Feature Wall
Outdoor Feature Wall

With a different style of tiles feature walls, you can now remodel your outdoor area into a tropical paradise, yet low in maintenance. For example, the use of timber lookalike tiles in the outdoor statement/accent walls help create a feel of rustic and earthy with timber, yet without the hassle and maintenance headaches.

Feature Wall Design - Office Feature Wall 01
Office Feature Wall

If you're looking to bring some freshness, to motivate your staff or make the best impression in your office interior design, you may consider transforming your office today with a made-to-measure statement wall too!

Eye-Catching Feature Walls

You want to make your accent wall eye-catching and ensure it seizes the maximum attention. Once we have chosen the wall, focus on it, decorate it with unique textures, daring colours and a powerful print.

Make it more functional by adding cabinets or floating shelves to showcase your valued objects or to incorporate with storage or TV console.

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