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Are you thinking of whether or not to use granite flooring for your home?

Granite flooring comes in many different finishes, styles and colours. We aim to offer a one-stop crash-course about granite, i.e. the pros and cons of granite flooring, the applications of granite flooring for homes, the types of granite finish, the myriad of colours available for granite flooring, etc.

Hopefully, this will be helpful, allow you to make the best decision for yourself regarding the type of granite flooring that best suits your needs. Let’s get right into it!

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Pros and Cons of Granite Flooring

Pros of granite flooring. Granite flooring has a luxurious appearance. Granite is an elegant and classic building material that adds sophistication to your home no matter what way you choose to use it. It will no doubt add resale value and aesthetic beauty to properties.

Moreover, it is resistant to bacteria and allergens. Something that is rarely talked about, even though we cannot find this feature in any other natural building material! It is a hypoallergenic flooring choice that is especially suitable for people with allergies or asthma. To effectively reduce the amount of allergen present, we should clean the granite tiles regularly.

Furthermore, it is one of the most durable natural stone tiles available. It is sturdy and resistant to scratches and can last for a very long time. It also has excellent water resistivity, therefore, can be used both outdoors and indoors. It requires low maintenance, which can save a lot of precious time.

Last but not least, in this age, we can tailor-make everything to one’s preferences. Granite tiles can be customised to create a unique flooring design that we cannot find elsewhere! It is through the mixing and matching of granite tiles of different colour and style.

Cons of granite flooring. Granite flooring is challenging to install. Granite tiles are quite heavy, and you must consult professionals before you install granite flooring into your homes. It is especially vital if you are installing it for HDB.

You should take into consideration that granite tiles that have a polished finish can become quite slippery when wet. We can overcome this issue easily by choosing granite tiles of a different finish, which will be further elaborated upon next.

Different Types of Granite Flooring Design

Polished Granite Flooring

Firstly, we have granite tiles with a polished finish. These tiles have a glossy, reflective surface that is more popular in countertops rather than flooring as they can get rather slippery when wet.

They bring out the natural colours in the stone and its one-of-a-kind characteristics. Polished granite is considered the best finish available and symbolises luxury and splendour.

Polished granite flooring is a formal and graceful style of flooring. It is incredibly resistant to weather and chemical wear-and-tear, making it suitable to be used in areas with heavy traffic, such as hallways.

Honed Granite Flooring

Secondly, we have granite tiles with a honed finish. These tiles have a smooth surface and, unlike the tiles with a polished finish, are not reflective. These have been the most popular flooring style where granite is concerned. They are not as slippery as tiles with a glossy finish and has a comfortable and relaxing feel to it.

However, a honed finish can wash out the colour in granite tiles and needs to be resealed regularly (every few months) as it is more vulnerable to stains.

This type of granite is best suitable in rooms that receive ample natural lighting as it reflects light that hits it and can make a room seem brighter.

It can also provide a homey feeling as it feels more natural than polished granite.

Leather Finished Granite Flooring

Thirdly, we have granite tiles with a leather finish. This style of finish has become increasingly popular in recent years. It manages to combine the shine and glamour of a polished finish as well as the comfort the muted colours of a honed finished gives you.

Granite tiles first begin as a tile with a honed finish. Diamond-tipped brushes are then used to create a textural appeal in the form of little grooves on the tiles.

This style of tiles has a rustic appeal that adds a quiet charm to the room by retaining the original colour of the stone. It is more resistant to stains compared to a honed finish and can hide water spots and dirt stains well. Its bacterial resistance is the highest when compared to granite with honed or polished finishes.

However, the grooves in the tile can mean that it is more susceptible to scratches and because of its unevenness, the cleaning could be challenging.

The finishes of granite tiles are in no way limited to the finishes mentioned above. These finishes mentioned are merely the more popular styles of granite tile. Granite flooring with different finishes can then be applied to bathrooms, kitchens, rooms and even outdoors! This versatile material can satisfy your every need.

Colours of Granite Flooring

Of course, we cannot forget about the plethora of colours granite tiles come in.

The most popular colours of granite would be the classic black - a chic, easy-to-match choice that you can never go wrong.

Granite tiles in white give off a shine that lightens a room better than any light could.

More bold colours would include steel grey granite, butterfly beige granite, Siena beige granite, Himalayan blue granite, rosy pink granite and many more.

These colours are only part of many colours that you can choose!

Granite Flooring For Homes


Granite tiles in the bathroom are the right choice as they are stain-resistant, water-resistant and easy to clean! However, we should not use the granite tiles with a polished finish in the bathroom. It can get slippery and pose a danger to you and your loved ones, especially if there are young children and the elderly at home. You should use granite with a honed or leather finish instead as these are granite tiles with a rougher surface.


Granite tiles in the kitchen are also a logical choice as they are heat-resistant, scratch-resistant and are more durable than most materials. The maintenance for granite flooring is easy with regular cleaning.

Living Room

Granite tiles in the living room exude a dramatic and bold feel and act as the perfect foundation for a contemporary aesthetic for your house. They can bring both an industrial and urban touch to the room.


Granite tiles outdoors add a splash of elegance that is usually not found outdoors. It is hard and durable and is, therefore, able to withstand the rain and wind.

There are many different types of finish for your granite tiles, and you can, therefore, choose the best kind of granite tile to suit your own needs. After all, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to flooring in your house!

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