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HDB Renovation

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Are you looking for HDB renovation designers or contractors to renovate, redesign and remodel your HDB?

How much should you have for your renovation budget? No set figure will work for everyone, and there are many other factors you need to consider. For example, are you focusing on renovating the whole HDB or a particular area, such as only the living room, bedroom, toilet, kitchen, or balcony? Will the unit be in a vacant status or occupied?

Renovation costs will also differ widely depending on whether you are going through just minor appearance updates or a full structural renovation. Minor appearance updates include renovation works like the painting of walls or updating fittings, carpentry works, lightings, window furnishings, overlaying flooring, etc. Structural renovation involves renovation works such as hacking walls or flooring, rearranging plumbing and wiring, etc.

If you are looking into renovation packages, be it BTO renovation or HDB resale flat renovation. Our competitive interior design and renovation packages are something irresistible! No hidden cost!

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Factors To Consider for HDB Renovation

HDB designs can look as good as condo designs, too! Following are several factors and design elements you must first consider, to create a sleek look and to make your HDB feels homey and welcoming.

  • Approved Renovation Contractor

    We only partner with reliable and approved renovation contractors who are listed in the Directory of Renovation Contractors (DRC) or BCA Approved Window Contractor. They are familiar with all the HDB’s requirements and the structural integrity of the HDB building. You should engage only the approved renovation contractors to carry out your renovation project.

    Over here, you can engage us to fully in charge of the whole renovation project for you. If you have time and are confident about being in charge, opt for contractor-only is an excellent way to manage your budget. Typically, our renovation contractors will charge based on the cost of construction materials, labour cost and a marginal profit margin.

  • Renovation Rules & Guidelines for HDB

    Homeowners should plan the renovations thoroughly to protect yourselves against any unauthorised work being carried out. It is especially needful when it comes to HDB renovation.

    There are rules and guidelines with regards to building works, water & sanitary, plumbing & gas works, the window works, electrical works, air-conditional installation works, BTO flats, DBSS flats. You may click here to find out more. 

  • Time Given For Renovation Works for HDB

    For new HDB flats, you need to complete the approved renovation works within four months from the date of the renovation permit.

    For resale HDB flats, you must complete the approved renovation works within one month from the date of the renovation permit. This requirement is to minimise any inconvenience and noise nuisance that will affect the quality of life for the existing residents.

  • HDB Kitchen Renovation

    When it comes to HDB kitchen renovation, think about efficiency and how you use the space. A well-designed HDB kitchen should facilitate your food preparations, and it will reflect and show in the quality of your food. Find out more about the factors to consider for kitchen renovation.

    If the HDB kitchen renovation works involve demolition and hacking (be it partial or complete), HDB’s prior written approval is required.

  • HDB Toilet Renovation

    New HDB flats owners should take note that they cannot remove their bathroom/toilets' floor and wall tiles within three years from the date of completion of the block.

    For the resale HDB flats, if the HDB toilet/bathroom renovation works involve demolition and hacking, HDB’s prior written approval is required.

  • HDB Balcony Renovation

    Like every other space in a home, we can transform the balcony into anything you desire. Some creative ideas for your consideration:

    • Constructing a little bar-counter will give you a great view from your HDB balcony;
    • Adding a patch of artificial turf to brighten up your home;
    • Placing a small storage bench to provide you with a storage and seating option in your balcony, etc.
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