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Home Office Renovation

Modern & Functional Home Office Designs To Be Inspired!


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Many entrepreneurs choose to work from a home office rather than an outside office for many reasons. To name a few:
Save money. If you are working from a home office, you save money on travelling to and fro from work each day, eating out for lunch, etc.
Save time. Working from home will save you time for commuting. Time saved for commuting means more time for family.
Increase home value. Working from home is getting quite common nowadays. Home office could be the feature a potential buyer is looking.

In Singapore, space is often limited in most of the apartments and flats. If you want to craft out a proper and functional office space to work in at home, you have to think of creative ways to maximise whatever space you have.

How do you balance its appearance and functionality with the already limited space you have?

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Design Elements for Home Office Renovation

Need some inspirations or creative ideas to set up a home office? Following are several design elements you must first consider, to give this area a sleek look and to make it functional!

  • Choose The Right Colour Palette

    The colours we paint to the space for home office will affect our productivity, creativity, moods and brain function. Therefore, choosing the right and harmony colours for your working environment is crucial.

    For example, the blue colour is suitable in areas that require focus and mental strain. We can integrate yellow colour when you want to encourage positivity, creativity and happiness.

  • Home Office Storage Space

    Storage is key to having a functional workspace that will make you feel uncluttered and productive.

    Thanks to the advancements in technology, devices are now all-in-one solution; printer, fax and scanner in a box! With the cloud storage solutions, a modern home office now takes up a significantly smaller physical footprint.

    Opt for adjustable storage/shelving systems that allow you to adjust as and when your storage needs change. Customise floor-to-ceiling wall storage cabinet, which maximising the space and offering total control over the shelves of every depth.

  • Integrate The Workspace/Desk With Your Furniture

    When space is often limited, customised carpentry is extremely useful. Consider sharing an area with the furniture and make the workspace or desk be part of your bed frame, TV feature, kitchen counter, etc.

  • Let The Workstation Float

    You can consider space-saving hidden wall workstation install on the wall in the living room or bedroom, creating a floating effect that lends a light-and-airy feel to space. It allows us to fold away the workstation entirely against the wall when not in use so that we can fully utilise the space. 

  • The Home Office Lighting

    Proper lighting is important. It will determine whether or not you can be staying focused and feeling inspired to perform and produce good results.

    For example, if the workplace is too dark, it can cause eyes fatigue, tiredness physically, overall irritability, and worst-case scenario, it produces depression.

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