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The kitchen is the heart of the home. We spend time preparing meals for our loved ones here every day. Here also a place where we can connect with our kids, have some small talk while baking some cookies together with them. Therefore, it’s worth for us to take some time to think about how to enhance the place, make it becomes a warm place that you look forward to spending more time.

Kitchen design or style is quite a personal thing, and everyone has different preferences. If your kitchen is looking a little dated, a new kitchen cabinet is, definitely, a real transformation in terms of the overall appearance and feel of a kitchen.

Before you start thinking about the aesthetics of the kitchen cabinet like the cabinet's surface, doors, drawers, and colours, we need to first look at the space you have and consider the following:
What do you want from the kitchen cabinet? How do you want it to function? Is the kitchen space enough and the layout right?

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Share with us your rough ideas, and you can then sit back and relax. We will find the most suitable design to match your desires, kitchen size, layout and budget. Let our experienced kitchen designers make your dream kitchen come true.

We specialise in providing high-quality custom-made kitchen cabinets. With years of experiences in handling various customised projects, we understand how to get maximum impact for minimum spend. The idea is, with a bit of smart planning and creative solutions, we can help you revamp your kitchen on even a small budget!

Unique, Striking And Functional Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet's quality and style don't have to cost more if you choose carefully. Our kitchen carpenters and designers are experienced to present you all the best suitable options, in terms of materials, kitchen cabinet assembly and layout, not just the most expensive ones. Here, we have summarised a few useful ideas for the kitchen cabinets. You can enjoy a luxury kitchen that you feel proud of yet at a budget price:

  • Declutter your kitchen will effectively make your kitchen to appear spacious. Opt for a kitchen cabinet with creative storage system, take advantage of every inch of space available. For example, use kitchen drawer organisers to keep all your kitchen stuff from sight yet within easy reach. Use vertical drawers to fill up the ugly gaps between cabinets or walls.

  • You can achieve sophistication and elegance with clean lines, light colours and uncomplicated kitchen cabinet assembly. Simplicity also helps create the illusion of spaciousness. Especially when space is limited, the light/white colour themes for a small kitchen will never go wrong!

  • The kitchen island not only looks impressive, but it’s also a very efficient and practical layout that provides additional space for prep work and storage for a kitchen. A small kitchen can squeeze out the area to fit a small and trendy kitchen island counter, too!

  • Nowadays, content sharing is all over the online world. You can get a photo from the internet, share it with us so that we can put that concept in your kitchen cabinet planning. We will make it even better to incorporate it with the culture here in Singapore.

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