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Get inspired to create a welcoming and personality-filled living room feature wall. The living room is where we spend most of our time, and unquestionably, it is the space our visitors see the most.

Living room statement wall creates an important focal point for the living room. Not only that it is interesting to look at, but it also helps create a visual balance for your space. From there you can then place the sofa, coffee table, television and the rest of your furniture around it.

To ensure your statement/accent wall stand out, you first need to decide, where is the focal point of your living room. This wall is the first spot people see when they enter the room. Once you have chosen the wall, you need to think out of the box and decorate it with an accent colour, a stylish pattern or a textured finish to add charm to your space.

Latest Feature Wall Design Ideas for Living Room

Wallpaper Living Room Feature Wall

Wallpaper Living Room Feature Wall

Revamp your living room with stunning wallpaper designs. With newer technology and developments in wallpaper material, now you have a vast range of wallpaper designs to choose. You can enjoy a variety of materials that are all easy to install and remove.

As you are focusing on only one wall, you can do just about anything with it. You can choose a breath-taking or colourful wallpaper design without crushing the entire space. You can consider opting for a more expensive wallcovering that would be over your budget if you had to paper a whole living room. It is all up to you, change it up as and when your style changes over the years.

Brick Living Room Feature Wall

Brick Living Room Feature Wall

Extend the beautiful brick wall to your living room. It is a great way to add charm and personality to, rather than just a plain coloured wall that is dull and lifeless. The colour and style of brickwork can create a massive difference in the overall appeal of the feature wall.

You may consider painting them white that keeps the statement wall neutral while adding texture to the room. Or, try out a hot neutral like grey or even black painted brick to create a bold statement wall. You can also opt for an exposed brick wall that adds a cosy rustic touch to your living room.

Stone Living Room Feature Wall

Stone Living Room Feature Wall

The use of natural stone for your wall incorporates simplicity and durability. You can find a wide variety of natural stones such as marble, limestone, granite, slate, sandstone or other natural stone panels.

No doubt, they are considered a more expensive material, however, if you want to create a feature wall that gives your living room a natural and welcoming style, be inspired by the trends but not constrained to them, the stone should be your choice!

Paint Living Room Feature Wall

Paint Living Room Feature Wall

Looking to makeover your living room on a budget but not sure what to do? A fresh coat of paint will give your living room a new lease of life. Add a pop of colour onto a focal point of your living room, without having to paint all the walls, and it is a cost-effective makeover solution.

You can choose whatever you have in mind, something bold and bright, something calm, or something completely unexpected. Anyway, paint is not as costly to replace if you fall out of love with it.

Wooden Living Room Feature Wall
Wooden Living Room Feature Wall

Wood tones are great for adding warmth to space. If you want something rustic, exciting and inexpensive for your living room, you may consider adding reclaimed wood panels to the wall you want to focus on, for a rural and earthy effect.

Tiles Living Room Feature Wall
Tiles Living Room Feature Wall

The use of tiles for the living room feature wall is fast getting popularity. Today's modern tiles are available in a shocking range of patterns, finishes, sizes and appearances. Tiles are indeed delivering almost endless design possibilities throughout your home interior designs.

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