Living Room Renovation

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Living Room Renovation

Contemporary Living Room Designs To Be Inspired!


Are you looking for living room renovation designers or contractors to renovate, redesign and remodel your living room? The living room is a place to relax and gather for family conversations, for hanging up with friends, watching television or playing games. The living room is an area that can serve several purposes.

Each layout will have some level of design challenges. Be it a long, narrow living room, an odd-shaped living area, a squarish living room, or an open-plan, where the lines are not clear between living, dining and kitchen.

How to decorate and brighten up your living room, in terms of its appearance and functionality?

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Factors To Consider for Living Room Renovation

No doubt, novel design ideas are necessary. Depending on your unique personality, this space can have a soothing, modern, vintage, eclectic, or traditional appearance. However, there are several design elements you must first consider, to give this area an attractive look and to make it feels homey and welcoming.

  • Choose The Right Colour Palette

    By choosing a neutral colour such as beige, grey, and shades of white, allows you to add bold elements to your area and focus on the furnishings and the textures. Grey looks particularly sophisticated in the living room. A beige living room is essential for those who love the minimalist look.

    For those who find neutral colours too dull, may consider shades of blue or green. Blue offers a calming, stabilising effect on your home. Green can be fresh and subtle at the same time.

  • Create A Focal Point

    Craft out a living room feature wall that creates a focal point for space and to show off your personality, preference and artistic sense.

    By having a feature wall in the living room, it will draw your attention, subconsciously enhance the area and make a significant effect on the appearance and feel of a room. Custom-made feature walls can also be very functional that add extra storage space!

  • Replacing The Existing Flooring

    When renovating your living room, the flooring plays a crucial role in bringing all the interior décor elements together.

    A few factors to consider. The costs for the floor materials and installation, the time and cost for the routine clean and maintenance, the durability of the floor materials, how to choose the floor tiles patterns and colours that can blend well with the other elements of the interior décor, etc.

  • The Living Room Lighting

    Living room lights will elevate any living room design. They don’t have to just blend into the background but also act as a decorative accessory.

    There are three types of lighting for the living rooms:

    • Ambient light provides a room with overall illumination.
    • Task light illuminates a reading corner or dedicated work zones.
    • Accent lights highlight specific features of your house.
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