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Are you interested in adding a touch of marble to your home or office? Well, you are in the right place. We aim to answer your many questions, be it concerning the durability of marble, the different types of marble or the cost of marble flooring.

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Pros and Cons of Marble Flooring

Pros of marble flooring. Marble is one of the most unique and recognisable building materials used in today’s homes and has been ever since it was discovered in the 1800s.

Each marble slab is entirely different in pattern and varies in colour and can successfully add character to your home or office.

In this day and age, chemically manufactured materials surround us, yet marble is an all-natural, non-poisonous material that you can add to your home without worries.

Having marble flooring in the house adds to its elegance and sophistication, brightening up your room and its ambience.

Cons of marble flooring. There are indeed a few key points to take note of when considering adding marble to your home.

Marble is a slightly soft stone and scratches and chips easily. Moreover, they can also get stain quickly when using particularly acidic or alkaline substances.

Each slab of marble is unique. If we damaged an individual marble tile, it would be challenging to find a matching tile to replace it.

Of course, these drawbacks of marble can be taken care of quickly by taking certain precautions, such as polishing it as well as taking good care of it. We suggest you purchase extra tiles so that you can carry out a replacement without additional fuss.

When it comes to installing marble in your home or office, you should seek professional help. If you don't want to over-stretch your budget, you might have to forgo marble, as it is a rather expensive material to work with for renovation.

Different Types of Marble Flooring Design

Textured marble tiles are a classic and fashionable design of all time. They can add feeling and provide a twist to the otherwise dull room. Textured marble tiles come in all sorts of designs, and it would be easy to find one to match the aesthetic you have in mind for your house. Worry about the choice you should make from the myriad of colours available? You can opt for a simple black-and-white, it will never go wrong!

Broken marble flooring is a style of marble flooring where irregularly-shaped marble tiles of different colour are combined to form one big marble tile. Not only does it add a pop of colour to the room, but it also prevents your room from feeling too monotone and lifeless. Adds a touch of interest to space.

Marble flooring can be aptly used in every possible part of your house as long as it is used appropriately and with style.

Marble flooring can help elevate the richness of a house when implemented well. It can add a touch of cleanliness and crispness to a bathroom. When added to bedrooms, it can create a haven for you, peace and calm. Marble flooring in kitchens can help create a homey feel that you would not find elsewhere.

In conclusion, you should consider marble when designing your home. It is a timeless and classic building material that has always succeeded in adding luxury to a place.

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