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Elegant Mirror Feature Wall

Creates The Illusion of A Spacious, Bright And Modern Space!


When it comes to interior decorating, large or small, mirrors are always an all-around accessory that creates the illusion of a spacious, bright, clean and modern room.
A mirror feature wall will never look outdated or out of place in your interior design. It merely draws out more space, light, colour or energy into a room.

There are many exciting and stunning mirror feature wall ideas to refresh your home’s new look.

To create the effect of more space and to draw the attention of the eye, you can place the mirror feature wall behind large pieces of furniture. For example, install it behind a dining table, piano, television, study table or bed, to add another dimension to a room in remarkable ways. Mirrored wall for bathroom creates the feel of simplicity, warmth, beauty and function, and it makes the dingy and damp bathrooms seem brighter.

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Why Mirror Feature Wall?

Mirror feature walls reflect a great deal of light (any natural or artificial light), making the smaller spaces to look more spacious.

  • There are endless possibilities for custom-made mirror feature wall designs. Thanks to the advancements in glassmaking. It’s possible to customise the glass, in terms of its size, shape, colour and finish. Therefore, it perfectly suits any dimension, any character or any home decor style.

  • Mirror feature walls are not just perpetually attractive; they can always blend nicely to any interior design style.

  • The mirror is a material that is durable, easy to take care of and offer excellent lifespan.

There are many spots around your home or office you can add a mirror. Whatever locations you select, the secret to decorating with mirrors is to ensure the mirror well captures any light coming in. Ultimately, the attraction of a mirror is drawn out by the sun and light.

Mirror Feature Wall For Offices

Glass feature wall looks just stunning! Not only for home interior designs, but many businesses also install glass feature walls in their offices too! Why?

  • Glass is a customisable material that is very durable, easy to clean and maintain.

  • You can print your brand images on the glass for branding purposes.

  • You can use it as a whiteboard.

  • It enhances the natural light to the office, encourages energy efficient.

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