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Are you looking for a refreshed look, a more productive and long-term workplace for your growing business? The workplace environment has a significant effect on your employees' overall ability to stay focused and be productive. Therefore, a well-designed office environment is of supreme importance.

You can entrust us with the opportunity to manage the renovation works to transform the dated renovation style, a dim, restricted and monotonous office space into something reflective of your company’s long-term vision.

We provide professional and affordable office renovation solutions, from concept to implementation, through to completion. You can expect the highest level of custom office interior design, space planning, and renovation services to match all your business needs. The outcome? A sleek, fluent space that provides maximum efficiency and comfort for employees, as well as ample room to satisfy and amaze your essential partners and visitors.

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Office Renovation Services At A Glance

Having a comfortable office environment where your employees can do their job efficiently is very important. Redesign an office vibe to make them feel at home, relaxed yet focused, is one of the to-do lists of many businesses.

It doesn't matter whether the renovation work is big or small. It can be a simple project on decorating your workspace, exploring solutions to hide away office clutter, adding a nook for your employees to relax. Alternatively, on a bigger scale, to transform a dated office into a refreshed and modern office. Here, we offer brilliant office design and office space planning ideas to help you get started.

Following are the various office renovation services that we offer:

Office Reinstatement Services

When it comes to office leasing, the reinstatement clause kicks in. By the expiry of the lease period, the tenants have to reinstate the area to its former condition. The reinstatement process is complicated and time constrain.
To ensure a smooth handover before the deadline, we offer one-stop reinstatement services, like the administrative works, hacking of walls or flooring, removal of cubicles or carpet, storage, disposal services, and more. Flexible timing and 24/7 will be available, at your convenience.

Office Pantry

A well-equipped and well-stocked office pantry has become a common feature of most modern offices in the corporate world.
Caffeine helps in enhancing work productivity. Whenever you need to keep yourself alert, you can walk into the pantry and serve yourself a cup of coffee or tea. When you feel hungry, you can come here to subside your hunger with some healthy snacks.
For some, it is also a place for an office gathering, to have some small talk, to boost morale and collaboration.

Office Space Planning

Not sure how to maximise your office space? How much space does each department need to work efficiently? Open office concept vs closed?
Well-designed office space must take into account the following:
Optimisation of space and storage; the company's image; the overall office vibe that the company wishes to create for employees and customers.

Office Interior Design

A dynamic office environment will be the key to achieving and even surpassing, your company’s goals and objectives.
It is essential to create an office space that is practical, comfortable, and appealing — all these will improve the daily workflow and encourage productivity and efficiency.

Office Lighting

Are you exploring office lighting options? You should assess which factors are most important to your office space.
What kind of colour and brightness will create desirable office lighting levels? How does office lighting affect employees productivity? Does it offer energy efficiency to help lower utility costs?

Office Electrical Works

Every office needs electricity. We will arrange for reliable electricians to work on the electrical installations of your office.
The office electrical works include the installation of switchboards, planning and relocation of power points and switches, etc. We will ensure that safe practices are always adhered to at all times during the office renovation process.

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Key Factors To Consider For Office Renovation

When it comes to the renovation of the office, there are a few factors we need to take into consideration seriously. These factors can produce much impact on the ultimate result.


Proper lighting is important. It will determine whether or not the employees can be staying focused and feeling inspired to perform and produce good results.
For example, if the workplace is too dark, it can cause eyes fatigue, tiredness physically, overall irritability, and worst-case scenario, it produces depression.


The colours we apply to the office design will affect our productivity, creativity, moods and brain function. Therefore, choosing the right and harmony colours for your working environment is crucial.
For example, the blue colour is suitable in areas that require focus and mental strain. We can integrate yellow colour in areas where you want to encourage positivity, creativity and happiness. The orange hue is ideal for kitchens or pantries.

Space Planning

Provide more choice and resources for your employees:
Personal and group workspace, lounge, lobby, conference room, kitchen and eating areas!
It promotes more collaboration; employees will find more meaning in their work and be happier with their job. The results are, therefore, better relationships with management and colleagues.

Storage Space

Storage is key to having a functional workspace that will make you feel uncluttered and productive.
Opt for adjustable storage/shelving systems that allow you to adjust as and when your storage needs change. Customise floor-to-ceiling wall storage cabinet, which maximising the space and offering total control over the shelves of every depth.

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