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Modern Quartz Flooring

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If you are looking for flooring options, you would have heard of quartz. Quartz is a decorative and hard-wearing natural stone. It is ideal for bathroom, kitchen countertops, and flooring applications.

Here, we consolidate information on how we can incorporate quartz flooring into your home, the different colours of quartz tiles, and the pros and cons of quartz flooring,

Quartz Flooring for Homes

  • Quartz Flooring In Living RoomsThe living room may be the perfect place for you to bring a touch of quartz into space. The living room is a place where it is less likely for the floor to get wet or for spills to occur. Thus, one would not need to worry that the quartz tiles would become slippery. Moreover, quartz tiles would be able to add a touch of light and character to an otherwise dull room.
  • Quartz Flooring In BathroomsIt can effectively add luxury and character to an otherwise mundane bathroom space. However, it can get dangerous as quartz tile becomes rather slippery when wet, and the elderly and young children can be especially vulnerable.
  • Quartz Flooring In KitchensQuartz tiles are both heat resistant and durable – Both of which are essential qualities one would look for in kitchen tiles. However, as mentioned before, quartz tiles can be slippery when wet and are sensitive to chemicals. It makes quartz tiles less suitable to be used on the kitchen floor. A kitchen is where there is a high probability of spills occurring or the floor getting wet.

Different Colours of Quartz Tiles

  • White quartz tiles are a classic and can bring brightness into a room due to their ability to reflect ample light. Moreover, white tiles can pair well with almost all colours.
  • Black quartz tiles have a smooth and glossy vibe and, just like white, are a classic colour that matches well with almost every colour.
  • Grey quartz tiles blend white and black perfectly, which is perfect for one who cannot decide between the two. It is a modern and chic colour that can also incorporate well into any colour scheme you have in mind.
  • Cream-coloured quartz tiles have a neutral and quiet colour. With its ability to match other colours well and the comfortable vibe it brings, it is no wonder that cream-coloured quartz tiles have become a classic.
  • Rose-coloured quartz tiles are for the ones who would like to add a bright and unique twist on the otherwise classic colour schemes. It is a light and cheerful colour. It is rare and yet still beautiful.

Pros and Cons of Quartz Flooring

  • Quartz flooring requires a surprisingly low level of care compared to other tiles such as marble, granite or even slate. Unlike the other floor tiles, it does not require regular sealing or buffing.
  • Quartz flooring comes in many colours, which will be extremely helpful if you already have a fixed colour scheme.
  • With children or the elderly at home, quartz flooring is a relatively hygienic and clean option as it does not absorb any liquid. Quartz tiles are non-porous and, therefore, cannot support the growth of bacteria.
  • Moreover, quartz is a sturdy and robust material, second only to diamond. Thus, it will not be damaged, scratched or chipped easily and can remain in good condition for a long time.
  • Lastly, quartz is affordable and cost-effective compared to other flooring materials such as marble and granite. If you have budget constraints but would still like excellent appearance flooring, you should consider quartz tiles.

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