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Slate has always been one of the more popular flooring materials when people think of flooring options, and for a good reason!

Here, you can explore the various colours of slate flooring, the places in your home to use slate flooring, the different finishes of slate tiles and the pros and cons of slate flooring!

Colours of Slate Flooring

There are many colours of slate tiles for you to choose from! Any shade of slate tiles paired with a room with white walls will produce a brightening effect that homeowners covet.

Beige slate exudes comfort and warmth, which allows us to lay it in living rooms aptly. We can pair the slate tiles with grey undertones with natural colours to bring a sense of nature into your home. Other popular colours of slate tiles would include dark green, which is a luxurious colour. Yellow to psychologically make a room more spacious. Black, which is a classic that you can never go wrong with.

Slate Flooring Finishes

  • Honed Finish Slate Floor Tiles – One of the finishes of slate tiles would be the honed finish. This finish would be similar to the polished finish of marble and granite, but it will not have the brightness and shine of the glossy finish. The reason is slate naturally is a duller material than the other two!
  • Natural Cleft Finish Slate Floor Tiles – Another slate tile finish would be the natural cleft finish. Running buffing heads over the slate tiles to give it the appearance of being weathered creates this finish. This process will leave ridges in the floor tiles and can make the tiles extremely slip-resistant (This makes it a great flooring option to make any area in your house non-slip, for example, in your bathrooms!) However, this might mean that it would be difficult for you to clean between these ridges.
  • Flamed Finish Slate Floor Tiles – Last but not least, we have the flamed finish. This finish leaves you with a texture similar to the honed finish but slightly rougher. It also has a weathered look. This kind of finish would give you a homey and comfortable feel.

Slate Tiles For Homes

Let’s move on to where you can use your slate tiles! It is a good idea to use slate tiles in prominent areas to add comfort and warmth to visitors.

  • We can use slate flooring in the living room to complement the pleasant and relaxing feel. The living room is a high-traffic place where visitors can see and admire the unique appearance of slate flooring easily.
  • We can use slate flooring in the kitchen as it is waterproof and stain-resistant, making it easy to clean and low-maintenance!
  • We can use slate flooring in the bathroom if you choose a finish that allows the grooved texture of the slate to stand out. The grooved surface can help prevent slips even when wet. Moreover, it also retains heat, which can make your bathroom more comfortable!
  • We can use slate flooring outdoors because it can last. It can also complement the outdoor vibe and feeling because it is a rustic material.

In conclusion, slate is an excellent building material we can use for flooring, depending on your needs and preferences!

Pros and Cons of Slate Flooring

  • Slate flooring is durable as it is a type of hard tile. It is resistant to cracks, scratches and chips and is stain-resistant once we have sealed it. It is a natural stone that can last a long time while adding real estate value to your home.
  • Not only is it a practical material to use as flooring in your house, but it also has aesthetic value. Slate tiles have a unique combination of bright hues that can add colour and style to your home.
  • It has a comfortable texture to walk on due to its grooves and can thus be slip-resistant.

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