Stone Feature Wall

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Charming Stone Feature Wall

Beautify Your Space with Natural Look and Feel!


Create a homely ambience of nature by capturing the charm and basis of natural stone. Stones have a natural beauty that developed over time. A stone feature wall can just merely and amazingly add visual impact and gorgeous to your space.

We often see natural stone walls at the high-class places like hotel, grand lobby, office building, premium private residential developments and more.

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Why Stone Feature Walls?

Yes, natural stone is expensive! However, many will still consider it as a cost-effective option for a few reasons:

  • Each piece of stone has its unique textures, colour tones and imperfections, making no two stone statement walls identical.

  • We can apply stones indoors or outdoors. They can blend well and complement to any home design style.

  • Stone is a material that comes with high density and low water absorption. Stains are hardly getting a permanent place on it.

  • Natural stones are the most robust material. They are proof of fire and weather, extremely durable and long lifespan. Therefore, they are less likely to discolour over time.

  • They are easy to care and maintain. Ordinary soap or detergent solutions can bring the shine back of stones. Plain water can wash away most of the dirt and stains easily.

Gorgeous Stone Feature Wall Design Ideas

Stone Feature Wall for Living Room

Affix natural stone for your feature wall incorporates simplicity and durability. You can find a wide variety of natural stones such as marble, limestone, granite, slate, sandstone or other natural stone panels. If you want to create a feature wall that gives your living room a natural and welcoming style, be inspired by the trends but not constrained to them, the stone statement wall should be your choice!

Stone Feature Wall for Bathroom

When it comes to a bathroom makeover, whether it is small or large, light or dark, a beautiful stone statement wall on the wall in the shower area, bring more than a little refinement and elegance to your home.

Stone Accent/Statement Wall Doesn’t Need to be Expensive!

Thanks to the newer technologies, mining, cutting, finishing, polishing, and the coating becomes easy, fast, and cost-effective. Stonewall becomes more affordable, and no more an option for the affluent class of people only. Yes, stone accent/statement wall doesn’t need to be expensive!

Stone Cladding Feature Wall

Stone cladding is a natural stone that has been cut into thin pieces to reduce weight. Or, it can be a lightweight, a thin layer of real or simulated stone products with a concrete-type base.

Stone cladding feature wall comes with a variety of choices for finishing and styling, such as 3D effects, vertical linear style, the classic irregular shaped, stacked stone or any customizable patterns. It offers an exclusive and personalised touch when thoughtfully planned and installed. It creates a stunning look to your interior home designs instantly!

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