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Space Saving Custom Storage Beds

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Almost every home in Singapore is facing space issues. And for families with kids, this space issue is exacerbated.

When it comes to bedrooms, once we have placed a bed and wardrobe, there is often little or no space for a study desk. However, our bedroom should be a clean place that makes us feel very comfortable, a place that gives us some alone time to unwind and relax. How to maximise our bedroom space? That’s where storage beds come in – they help utilise the vertical space in your room, giving you more room to move around. And not just that, storage beds also help to keep your room tidy and organised.

By having a place to store all your extra blankets, bedding, sheets, pillows and clothes, you can say goodbye to cluttered floors and surfaces. Storage beds are indeed a wise option to address the issue of bedroom space constraints. You will appreciate the convenience of keeping your stuff neatly away from sight!

We specialise in providing high-quality custom-made storage beds for single, super single, queen or king-size, or even loft and bunk beds. We incorporate customised beds with innovative storage solutions. We aim to bring neatness and spaciousness to a bedroom at affordable price tags!

Excellent Design Ideas for Custom Storage Beds

There are many excellent design ideas for storage beds. Some of these include using a bed with drawers underneath, a bed with shelves above it, or a bed with a cupboard beneath. All of these ideas are great for making the most of your space and ensuring that you have plenty of storage options.

Don’t be surprised at how much extra space you can create with our well-designed custom-made storage beds. We have categorised these beds into a few main types:

A platform bed is a type of bed that is more space-efficient than typical beds since it is designed without any legs. Instead, the mattress sits on top of an elevated platform, which acts as the base for the bed. The height of this platform can vary depending on the specific design.

There are two main types of platform beds – those with storage and those without storage. Platform beds with storage typically have some built-in storage system, such as drawers or cabinets, beneath the bed frame. It can be an ideal solution for small bedrooms where space is limited. Platform beds without storage typically have a more minimalist design and do not include any additional storage space.

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