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Limited space available to the structure of Singaporean homes is getting common. When it comes to bedrooms, once we have placed a bed and wardrobe, there is often left little or no space for a study desk. A bedroom should be a peaceful place for relaxation, for us to have some private me time, being by yourself with no distractions. It should be an uncluttered place that makes you feel very comfortable.

So how can homeowners maximise their bedroom space? In addition to a custom-made wardrobe that reaches to the ceiling will get you extra bedroom’s storage space, a customised bed with storage components will further maximise the space available in your bedroom!

Storage beds are indeed a smart option to address the issue of bedroom space constraints. These beds are ideal for storing extra bedding, sheets, pillows, clothing and more! You will appreciate the convenience of storing your stuff neatly away from sight.

We specialise in providing high-quality custom-made storage beds. Select from our vast range of designs for single, super single, double, queen or king-size beds, or even loft beds and bunk beds. With smart and creative solutions, we incorporate customised beds with innovative storage elements. We aim to bring neatness and spaciousness to a bedroom at affordable price tags!

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Awesome Design Ideas for Storage Beds

Don't be surprised at how much extra space you can create with our well-designed custom made storage beds. We have categorised these beds into a few main types:

  • Platform Beds

    The platform bed is sleek and stylish, and it creates a lighter and airier feeling. You can place a mattress directly on the platform bed, as they are closer to the ground, they tend to be more stable. To take it one step further, we can also add some extra storage space underneath.

  • Bed Frame With Drawers

    These beds will come with useful pull-out drawers. The drawers are either on the side of the bed or at the end of the bed frame. This kind of storage beds are ideal, if you want a trendy bed frame that provides you with the extra space to store all your belongings - all your stuff are within easy reach.

  • Lift-Up Storage Beds

    A lift-up storage bed offers extra storage space by making full use of the whole bottom surface of the bed. It is like adding a considerable cupboard to your bedroom without taking up space in your room. It is also easier to open, by lifting the storage lid, you can reach your personal belongings, effortlessly.

  • Foldable Wall Beds

    Space-saving hidden wall beds (also known as Murphy beds) cleverly add extra space to your home through multi-functional furniture design. A fold-up bed allows us to fold away the beds entirely against the wall when not in use so that we can fully utilise the space. You can incorporate it with a study desk, a sofa, a shelving unit or even a TV console.

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