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Modern Tiles Feature Wall

Creates An Attractive, Visually Diverse Feature Wall!


Tiles are indeed an ideal option for feature walls, especially in moisture exposed areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry areas. Tiles feature wall are durable, wear-resistant and low in maintenance.

Thanks to a wide variation of tile products, we are now seeing more people make use of tile colours, patterns and textures to create amazing feature walls.

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Tiles Feature Wall for Kitchen

Choose from a wide selection of mosaic tiles like glass, crystal, marble tiles and more, to create an attractive, visually diverse feature wall or backsplash for kitchen.

Tiles Feature Wall for Bathroom

When it comes to a bathroom makeover, many may go for all-white or marble-everything. Why not adding some mosaic tiles made of marble or colourful tiles at the shower stall? Bathroom deserves a little luxury!

Tiles Feature Wall for Living Room

The tile wall has countless variation and patterns. You can select from many designs that give your living room the perfect appearance.

Colourful tiles make the space lively.
Exotic colours and designs make the space special and attractive.
The stone-inspired tiles or brick-look tiles create a classy feel. Textured wall tiles can bring that depth to space. You will tend to walk closer, to touch and feel the tiles.
Dimensional wall tiles with a 3D look can complement an ample wall space.

Why Tiles Feature Wall?

Tile is an ideal material for a feature wall. Tile feature walls look sleek and luxury, it is also lasting and easy to care and maintain. Following are some of the prevalent advantages of a tile feature wall for your easy reference:

  • Wear Resistant

    Tiles like porcelain, ceramic, and mosaic are moisture immune. They are highly resistant to wear and can last over many years. High frequency of feature wall maintenance or special treatment is not required. Therefore, tiles turn out to be very durable and affordable in the long term.

  • Easy To Maintain

    Tiles feature wall not only looks great but they also easy to maintain. Some wall tiles are covered with a protective layer on their surface, to protect them from stains and water damage, making the cleaning process extremely easy. You can wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth and usual household detergent.

  • Offer In A Wide Range of Style

    Tiles are highly diverse. You will be spoilt by a variety of sizes, colours, textures, and designs to match any specific style and taste that you are interested in exploring.

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