Toilet/Bathroom Renovation

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Toilet/Bathroom Renovation

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Are you looking for toilet/bathroom renovation designers or contractors to renovate, redesign and remodel your toilet/bathroom?

The toilet could be the smallest room in the house. However, it is worth to put in some effort to think about bathroom designs, its neatness, hygienic and livability. Why?

  1. A toilet/bathroom is a place where we bath, shower and grooming every day. It pays to take some time to think about how to fight bathroom clutter.
  2. Limited space available to the structure of Singapore homes is getting common. We should make full use of all the rooms in the house, including the bathrooms. The custom-built bathroom cabinet offers proper storage that you can use it to store the bath essentials, and you will feel less chaotic here.
  3. A clean bathroom signals cleanliness. There's a saying if you want to know how neat and tidy a person is, visit their bathroom to see how it looks. When guests come into your house, they are likely to visit the toilet/restroom. If you don't care about your bathrooms, you may end up embarrassing yourselves. Do you want that to happen?
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Factors To Consider for Toilet/Bathroom Renovation

How to cheer up a bathroom to a new level of awesomeness, in terms of its appearance and features?

No doubt, novel design ideas are necessary. However, there are several design elements you must first consider, to give this area an attractive look and to make it a successful bathroom renovation/remodelling.

  • Choose The Right Colour Palette

    Bathrooms are very personal spaces. When you’re planning of renovating this room, you need to think, how and when you spend your time in this space and what kind of vibe you want to create. All of these will affect your colour choices. Here are some of our favourite bathroom colours!

    • Crafting an all-white bathroom that boasting clean lines. A white bathroom is the ultimate in classic bathroom style.
    • Grey is a neutral colour that can match well with almost everything from a soft hue like pink to bright colour like orange.
    • A light blue bathroom creates a spa-like feeling. It offers a calming, stabilising effect that makes you feel relaxed.
    • A darker hue like black or charcoal is the most energetic colour that results in a classic and dramatic bathroom look.
  • Create A Focal Point

    When it comes to a bathroom remodelling, you may consider highlighting one wall in the bathroom. A contrasting feature wall in the bathroom will make your bathroom to look attractive and exciting, instantly!

    • Add some mosaic tiles made of marble or colourful tiles at the shower stall to create an outstanding bathroom feature wall.
    • The marble feature wall will always give the maximum dose of luxury.
  • Choose The Right Flooring

    When renovating your toilet/bathroom, the flooring plays a crucial role in bringing all the interior décor elements together.

    A few critical factors to consider. The costs for the floor materials and installation, the time and cost for the routine clean and maintenance, the durability and moisture endurance of the floor materials, how to choose the floor tiles patterns and colours that can complement your bathroom’s overall style, etc.

  • Toilet/Bathroom Storage

    Customised built-in bathroom cabinets are particularly practical and handy. It is an ideal option that maximising every inch of bathroom space and takes out all the clutter.

  • Toilet/Bathroom Lighting

    When people walk into the bathroom, usually will first switch on the light. Not only that the bathroom lighting helps out your daily routines, but also act as a decorative accessory. The bathroom lights for walls, ceilings, cabinets and around mirrors will elevate any bathroom design.

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