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Amazing TV Feature Wall

Makes The Space To Appear Neater!


Most people need a television for their living room or bedroom. To make the space to appear neater, the ideas to allow the built-in TV console/cabinet to blend into the feature wall harmoniously has become more and more popular. Start here with these popular television accent wall ideas.

Modern TV Feature Wall Design Ideas

TV Feature Wall with Storage

You can build the statement wall along the length of the wall and incorporate it with customised floor-to-ceiling storage to maximise the storage space. The idea is to use a decorative element to create an uncluttered appearance.

TV Feature Wall with Shelves

Redecorate your living space by combining the TV console with display shelves. It is a great way to create extra space to showcase your collection like souvenirs, wines, art pieces, toys, books, family photos and more.

TV Accent Wall with Sliding/Folding Panel

You may consider adding a sliding or folding panel to the TV console. When you are not using the television, you can choose to close the panel. It is an excellent way of hiding away the TV set and keep things looking neat and tidy.

Scandinavian TV Accent Wall

Appreciate the clean aesthetics of Scandinavian-themed homes? You can choose to have a soothing palette of wood tones for a Scandinavian feature wall. Create a comfortable, livelier and open area for you and your loved ones to wind down after a long workday.

Marble TV Feature Wall

Marble is timeless and naturally beautiful. It comes with a wide range of texture and colours. Having a natural marble TV statement wall in your living room will make your living room look amazingly elegant.

Glossy TV Statement Wall

To make your room appear even spacious and more significant, you can consider applying glossy surfaces, which is a great option to reflect light, make the room brighter and visually widen a space instantly.

Textured TV Feature Wall

Want your feature wall to have textures? Brick or stone textured TV accent wall can be an incredibly neutral option to play around with all styles of interior design. Bringing nature right into your homes, it creates an atmosphere of life, and it gives the entire space an intimate and luxurious feel.

Cement Screed TV Accent Wall

No colour is trendier than grey! The uneven tones of an accent/statement wall in cement screed are great for adding visual texture to space. It adds character to this otherwise modern space.

TV Feature Wall
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