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Stylish Wallpaper Feature Wall

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Wallpaper feature walls are simple, yet have a significant impact on transforming any room in your home. Today’s wallpapers come in a vast range of patterns, textures and designs. There are plenty of choices for you!

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Wallpaper Feature Wall for Bedroom

Choose a remarkable, bold pattern wallpaper to highlight one wall of your bedroom. Firstly, you should consider the style of the room that you are decorating. Romantic, playful, casual, contemporary, traditional or more. From there, you select the wallpaper that best matches your room style, and best express your individuality.

Wallpaper Feature Wall for Living Room

The living room is an area with high-traffic and can serve multiple purposes, and it deserves us to pay attention to it. The wallpaper feature wall is one of the easiest and quickest way to give your living room a makeover. Freshen up your living room with stunning wallpaper designs, create a striking visual feature wall. Play with the visual height and width of your living room with the right choice of floor-to-ceiling wallpaper, visually adding height and width to space.

Wallpaper Feature Wall for Dining Room

To create an environment that gets your visitors chatting and enjoy the meal, consider modernising and uplifting your everyday dining area with the stylish and bold wallpaper feature wall. Invest in eye-catching pieces, that make a modern accent in otherwise conventional/standard dining room.

Why Wallpaper Feature Wall?

With innovative technologies, now everything (beautiful designs, latest styles, modern prints, different texture, depth, pattern and colour) can be found in the wallpaper market. Use wallpaper as the material for a feature wall is a popular option to give your home a modern designer appearance.

Some of the advantages are summarised here for your reference:

  • Wallpaper comes with a massive range of designs, patterns, prints, colours, incredible selection of beautiful effects and texture. It allows you to show off your character and home décor style.

  • Digital murals are the latest development that allows by custom designs using your high-quality image.

  • Wallpaper can bring striking visual effect, style and depth to a room that cannot be attained by monotone paint.

  • Wallpaper adheres to walls, and if there’s any imperfection on the wall surface, it will hide it underneath the wallpaper.

  • Many people are worried that the wallpaper is difficult to put up and take down. However, with newer technologies, this is no longer the case. Removable or temporary wallpaper is convenient and user-friendly. It is becoming more popular because you can peel and stick, glue is not required, and it won’t damage your wall. It can transform your space instantly! You can choose to change it up whenever you want, whenever there is a new trend arises.

  • Wallpaper is a durable and long-lasting material. Most wallpaper will have a lifespan of between 10 to 15 years. If we are now comparing to a typical painting feature wall, we usually may need to repaint the space every few years. Then, investing in a wallpaper feature wall, in the long-term, can be considered as a cost-effective option. Of course, now it depends on how often you would like to change the designs. The choice is yours!

  • Most of the wallpapers are washable. They can be gently cleaned with a slightly wet cloth and mild detergent solution to get rid of dirt.

  • Some wallpapers are scrubbable. It means that they will hold up to wear and tear, from children or pet, they can withstand scrubbing with a brush, etc.

  • As you are focusing on just one wall, you can choose a breath-taking or colourful wallpaper design without crushing the entire space. You can also consider choosing for a more expensive wallcovering that would be over your budget if you had to paper a whole room.

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