Wood Feature Wall

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Modern And Rustic Wood Feature Wall

Creates The Feel of Cosiness And Warmth Instantly!


One of the trendy approaches in homes or interior design is rustic chic that natural wood offers. A wood feature wall is putting wood up on a wall that creates a rustic and earthy atmosphere.

Bring a wood-panelled feature wall to your living room or dining area, and it will instantly create the feel of cosiness and warmth. Through subtle tones and hues to give a softer theme all over your space, allowing for the vast extent of showing off its personality and unique style.

Wood Feature Wall

Why Wood Feature Wall?

Wood feature walls are fast getting popularity among homeowners for a few reasons:

  • Wood can be easily cut and add decorative elements to any room. They can blend nicely with many colours and bring new surfaces and textures to space.

  • A wood statement/accent wall can visually create the illusion of a spacious space to a smaller area, especially when we place the wooden planks horizontally.

  • Wood is a material which is notable for lasting the test of time. With a range of finishes such as reclaimed wood, distressed wood, wood plank, pallet wood and more, it's indeed a great choice when thinking of home decorating.

Care & Maintenance for Wood Feature Wall

We need to take note of some of the disadvantages of a wood statement wall.

Wood is vulnerable to water, fire, decay, and termites. Also, depending on how much we expose the material to sunlight, the colour of the wood feature wall may change over time. To prolong the gloss of wood feature walls, regularly polish with sandpaper and apply a polishing treatment that we usually use on wood floors can help. All these can quickly achieve.

Therefore, many people still consider it as an option for low ongoing maintenance.

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