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Wood Panel Feature Wall

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Modern And Rustic Wood Panel Feature Wall

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If you’re looking for a way to add some serious style and personality to your home, then you need our wood panel feature wall.

One of the modern approaches in homes or interior design is the rustic chic that natural wood offers. A wood panel feature wall is putting wood on a wall that creates a rustic and earthy atmosphere. It can give the room a warm and cosy feeling, or it can make the room feel more modern and sleek.

Boring, blank walls are a thing of the past with this unique and stunning accent. Plus, it’s a way to add some pizzazz to your home without breaking the bank; let’s enjoy your new look in no time!

A wood panel feature wall is a wall that is covered in panels made of wood. This type of wall can add much visual interest to a room and be a great way to make a statement. They are often used in homes with a rustic or country chic décor, but we can also use them in more contemporary spaces. We can place the wood panelling to cover an entire wall or just part of a wall. If you consider adding a wood panel feature wall to your home, you should keep a few things in mind. Let’s explore this further.

Why Wood Panel Feature Wall?

Wood panel feature walls are fast gaining popularity among homeowners. Several reasons one might choose to install a wood panel feature wall.

  • Wood can be easily cut and add decorative elements to any room. Therefore, wood panel feature walls can blend nicely with many colours and bring new surfaces and textures to space.
  • Wood panels can add visual interest to a room and create a focal point.
  • Wood panels can add a touch of luxury to any space.
  • Wood panel statement/accent walls can visually create an optical illusion of a spacious space in a smaller area, especially when we place the wooden planks horizontally. It makes a small room appear larger than it is.
  • Wood panels can help to absorb sound, making a room more pleasant and peaceful. It can be beneficial in a room with a lot of traffic or near noisy areas.
  • Wood panels can provide insulation and help to regulate temperature, making a room more comfortable.
  • Wood panels are relatively easy to install and maintain, making them a popular choice for home and office spaces.
  • Wood is a notable material for lasting the test of time. With a range of finishes such as reclaimed wood, distressed wood, wood plank, pallet wood and more, it’s a great choice when considering home decorating.
  • They’re also a great way to cover up unsightly wall damage.

Materials Used To Create A Wood Panel Feature Wall

Several types of wood are suitable for panelling, and we can use them to create a wood panel feature wall. Some common types may include plywood, hardwood, softwood, MDF, and particle board. Each type of wood has its unique grain pattern and colour, giving your feature wall a unique look. These materials are cut to size and assembled to create the desired effect. You can also stain or paint the wood to create a different result.

  • Plywood – Plywood is a manufactured wood product bonding together multiple layers of wood veneer. The veneers used in plywood are typically thin sheets of wood peeled from trees. Plywood is an engineered wood product that is strong and versatile, making it ideal for various construction applications.
  • Hardwood Panel Feature Wall – Hardwoods are typically denser and more durable than softwoods, making them ideal for various applications. Some common hardwoods include oak, maple, and cherry.
  • Softwood – Softwood does not refer to the hardness of the wood but rather to the fact that these trees have softer wood fibres than hardwood trees. It makes softwood easier to cut and shape, which is why it is often used for construction purposes.
  • MDF – MDF is an acronym for Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF is a type of fiberboard that is made from wood fibres that have been glued together with synthetic resin. The wood fibres are usually recycled from sawdust or other types of wood waste. MDF is denser than particle board and has a smoother surface. It is often used for making cabinets, furniture, and mouldings.
  • Particle Board – Particle board is made from wood chips, shavings, and sawdust glued together with resin. The boards are then pressed and heated to create a solid piece of material. Particle board is often used in constructing furniture and cabinetry because it is inexpensive and easy to work with.

Care & Maintenance For Wood Panel Feature Wall

Wood panel feature walls are a beautiful addition to any home, but they require special care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Wood is vulnerable to water, fire, decay, and termites. Also, depending on how much we expose the material to sunlight, the colour of the wood panel feature wall may change over time. Here are some tips for caring for your wood panel feature wall:

  • Dust regularly with a soft cloth or dust brush to remove dirt and debris.
  • Vacuum occasionally with a soft brush attachment to remove dust and dirt from the grooves between the panels.
  • Wipe spills immediately with a damp cloth. Spills containing water may cause wood panels to swell and warp.
  • Apply a wood finish or wood cleaner to protect the wood panel surface. To ensure long-lasting beauty, we recommend selecting a product with UV protection.

Where Can You Place Wood Panel Feature Wall?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors:

  • The type of wood panelling you are using – If you use a thinner panel, you may be able to attach it directly to the wall using nails or adhesive. Using a thicker board may need furring strips to create a flush surface for attaching the panelling.
  • The overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve in your space – If you are going for a rustic look, you may want to place the wood panels within your interior design. However, you may want to put the wood panelling on the ceiling to create a more modern feel.
  • The size of the room – If the room is small, you may consider placing the feature wall behind a piece of furniture, like a couch or a bed. It will help create the illusion of a larger space.
  • The lighting in the room – Lighting is a crucial aspect of interior design, and it can be adjusted to suit your wooden panelling. If you want an accent wall in your room, place it somewhere with good lighting, as it will draw the attention of your guests.

You can place a wood panel feature wall in many places and choose from various stunning designs, colours and wood grains.

  • Living room – It will create a focal point in the room and add visual interest, instantly creating a feeling of cosiness and warmth.
  • Bedroom – It will create a warm and inviting space. Through subtle tones and hues, it gives a softer theme all over your room, allowing for the vast extent of showing off its personality and unique style.
  • Dining room – It will make the room seem more spacious and open.
  • Entertainment room – It will add a touch of warmth. It will make the room look more extensive and more sophisticated.
  • Hallway – It will give your home a sense of class and elegance.
  • Kitchen – It will create an interesting focal point in the room, making it seem more spacious.

Time to get those creative juices flowing and figure out how we can help you design and install the wood panel feature wall you’ve always wanted. Don’t wait any longer; act now!

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